Sir Cam


What do you shoot on?: iPhone 7 Plus (6 Plus before that).

When did you start smartphone photography?: 2011

Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your work?: Instagram and Twitter.

What photography apps would you recommend?: ProCamera Snapseed and VSCO

What editing software is the best value?: Snapseed

How has smartphone photography been received by the industry overall?: Very well now that the quality is so good.

What are the challenges with shooting with your phone?: Low light work i.e. high ISO quality. Zoom/telephoto.

Name your favourite things about this kind of photography?: Convenience, always with you. Discreet. Shoot, edit, and share with such a small and simple device.

What has caused the biggest shift in mobile photography in the last few years?: The quality has improved so much that it is no longer a real issue.

Where do you see smartphone photography going in the future?: Blurring of "smartphone" and "normal" photography. It's already just photography now, not "smartphone photography".

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