Serap Günay


What do you shoot on?: Actually, I'm trying to shoot the shortest feature films in a single frame :) So many photographic areas become my area of interest. As Street photography, abstract photography Basically, I can say the relationship between people and their surroundings. Movement in photography is always magical for me.

When did you start smartphone photography?: I started smartphone photography 4 years ago, but I took a 2-year break, I've been working hard for the last 1.5 years

Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your work?: instagram and flickr

What photography apps would you recommend?: snapseed, hipstomatic

What editing software is the best value?: P.S.

What are the challenges with shooting with your phone?: The distance between the camera and the subject I want to shoot, and the inability to adjust the lens

Name your favourite things about this kind of photography?: -Being with you every moment

-Immediate editing in some applications

What has caused the biggest shift in mobile photography in the last few years?: The increase in photo print quality and the fact that follow-up on social platforms

Where do you see smartphone photography going in the future?: It can reach the dimensions we can not even imagine. The possibilities that we it have with us at any moment and that can be shared at any time can be incredible

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