Paul Moore

What do you shoot on?: Currently using an iPhone SE

When did you start smartphone photography?: I started about 8 years ago o the iPhone 3GS

Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your work?: Facebook and then Instagram

What photography apps would you recommend?: Snapseed,Juxtaposer, PhotoToaster, DistressFX, HandyPhoto,

What editing software is the best value?: Snapseed as it is completely free

How has smartphone photography been received by the industry overall?: I find that as time goes on it is being accepted more and more. I recently joined a company called Arcangel Image. They are a stock photo company that specialise in the publishing industry, The have a dedicated section for smart hone photos. I have gotten 10 book covers, including a New York TImes Bestseller, through them. All with iPhone images.

What are the challenges with shooting with your phone?: The biggest challenges for me are the lack of proper zoom and a fixed aperture. Even with all the improvements over recent years most phones just aren't brilliant in low light situations.

Name your favourite things about this kind of photography?: As the old saying goes - 'The best camera is the one you have with you'. This is why smart phone photography is so much fun. I always have my phone with me it means that there is a spontaneity to it. I can whip out the phone at any time and capture whatever catches my eye.

What has caused the biggest shift in mobile photography in the last few years?: With the larger sensors and higher MP counts smart phones have over taken a lot of point and shoot cameras. In fact the iPhone is not the most popular camera used on Flickr. With Samsung in 2nd place. This has opened up photography as a medium.

Where do you see smartphone photography going in the future?: As smart phone cameras continue to improve the gap between them and 'professional' cameras will decrease. The problem with this is that photography as a profession will be damaged. Photographer will increasingly have to come up with new and innovative ways of adding value and demand for their photos. They are more photos being taken now than ever before. 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday. It really takes something spectacular to stand out from all the noise. And this is only going to get worse.

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