Opening Night MoboPhotoFest in Galway


Well, it's been nearly 2 weeks since those amazing few days in Galway for Mojocon. The MoboPhotoFest exhibition was part of Mojocon fringe and was received so well. We loved every minute. Thank you to all the photographers involved. The show was nothing without your talant.

I'm going to share some images and videos below of MoboPhotoFest opening night and the weekend, but first I just want to thank the dynamo that is Glen Mulcahy, for creating Mojocon. It really is a special event and this year there was a lovely sense of collaboration between mobile journalists, photographers and content creators. Glen's vision has become more than just Mojocon and you could really see that this year with the fringe events, where people were provided with a platform to show their passion for a subject. 

It was so good to see old faces and new this year, and all the photographers involved in MoboPhotoFest - Brendan, Andy, Tim, Seamus, Nicki, Dan, Sir Cam and Paul. Many thanks for making it such a fun one. You need to check out their Instagram for all their amazing photo walks that weekend.

Thanks also to Ed and Jim in Inspirational Arts for their excellent printing skills and to Galway Bay Brewery for sponsoring the bar on opening night. Last thanks to Annie, Sim, Holly and Laura for their unbelievable support and help. 

We are buzzing with lots of ideas for future events after this weekend, so watch this space! 

Exhibtion images and opening night:


Thanks to Tim Bingham from Public Lens for these two amazing videos.  

The first is opening night:



The second myself and Tim did a walk around the exhibtion

Some more images from Séamus Smyth

Nicki, Paul, Brendan and Andy gave a really great Photowalk, day and night. Here are some images from their weekend:


Sir Cam took this stunning image of the 4 amigos as the sun set on Galway city.

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Dan Rubin had a pop up editing session at Mojocon, showing us great tips on smartphone editing.

Zeiss ExoLens tooks us on a photowalk with rockstart photographer Greg Waterman. He seemed really impressed with the exhibition when Brendan O'Se brought him around the gallery showing him the exciting work coming out of the smartphone community.

Richard Donelan's photo of Greg in Galway. You also need to check out Richie's facebook live tutorial that took place from the hot tub on the rooftop of the Mojocon hotel. These guys are cray but is the prefect example of Mojocon madness and creation. The prefect combo!


Looking forward in checking @pictar_irl_uk tomorrow. Maybe some live video shooting in the gallery 😎

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We also got to check out Pickar which essentially gives you more control and extra grip over your iPhone. Loads more to come on that and an exciting GIVEAWAY :)

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