Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Back in 2009, there only seemed to be a handful of us excited about the creative possibilities on the mobile phone. I couldn’t find any central resource to learn about iPhone art and photography, so in 2011 I founded the website, a creative space where iphone artists and photographers could share their work, their stories and the techniques behind their images including the apps they used. Fellow iPhoneographer Bob Weil became my partner at iPhoneographyCentral in 2012 which led to our book collaboration, pulling together 45 iPhone artists (including us) from 12 different countries to create the book “The Art of iPhone Photography - Creating Great Photos and Art your iPhone,” which includes in-depth, step-by-step tutorials from veteran photographers like Jack Hollngsworth on how to create great portraits to fabulous artists like Lynette Jackson creating amazing abstract art on her iPhone. 

iPhones and Smartphones are incredibly creative tools in the right hands…it’s just a case of learning to observe what’s around you and then using the apps available to express your vision of the world and tell your story…and everyone has one of those.

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