Jen Pollack Bianco


What do you shoot on?: iPhone 7 Plus

When did you start smartphone photography?: I started taking smartphone photography seriously in 2007, when I got my first iPhone.

Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your work?: I'm a fan of sharing on instagram and twitter

What photography apps would you recommend?: I use the Priime and VSCO editing apps daily. Oggl and TinType by Hipstamatic are also great when I'm going in a more creative direction.

What editing software is the best value?: VSCO has a lot of editing tools, including a perspective correction feature for both X and Y skew. It's well worth getting even if you don't use their filters.

How has smartphone photography been received by the industry overall?: I've found most clients don't care what camera I've used, unless they want to promote a specific camera. There are still some old school shooters who refuse to accept what can be done with non DSLR cameras, including both mirrorless and smartphone devices. I find it's the general population that is the most skeptical.

What are the challenges with shooting with your phone?: Contrast and low light are usually the biggest issues with smartphone photography. Zoom has gotten better, but it's still difficult to get results you'd get with a fast telephoto lens. Astral smartphone photography still has room for improvement.

Name your favourite things about this kind of photography?: I like the ease of use of smartphone photography, and the ability to shoot and share quickly. I've also found smartphone photography to be great for portraits. Some subjects freeze up or get intimidated by big lenses. I've gotten more natural results using my iPhone.

What has caused the biggest shift in mobile photography in the last few years?: Quality has improved in both hardware and apps. I've also found more photographers who resisted social media platforms like Instagram using it as a marketing tool.

Where do you see smartphone photography going in the future?: I'm sure the technology will keep getting better faster. I'm not sure how long it will be until I can capture the northern lights using only my smartphone, but I'm looking forward to that day eventually coming.

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