Brendan Ó Sé 

Brendan Ó Sé is an multi-award winning fine art photographer/mobile photographer from Cork, Ireland. Brendan offers regular mobile photography workshops in association with Cork’s Glucksman Gallery and The Gallery of Photography in Dublin. These workshops are supported by Olloclip, for whom Brendan is a brand ambassador. He has also given workshops in Iceland and Cyprus.

In January, 2016, Brendan won first place in the Street Photography category in the annual Mobile Photography Awards. In April 2015, Brendan won the Mira Mobile Photography Prize. He was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the Florence International Photography Awards in June 2015. Brendan also won the Mediterraneo Foto Festival in May, 2015. In October, 2015, Brendan was awarded first place in the Everyday Life category in the Stark Awards 2015.

His DSLR and iPhone photography has been exhibited in Cork, Dublin, Miami, Idaho, Florence, Lecce, Victoria, Ontario, Rome, Porto, Bangkok, and Jakarta. Brendan was part of the Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6 in 2015. His photograph was showcased on billboards and posters in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Bangalore, Tokyo, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Boston, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and many more throughout the world. It was also featured in many print magazines, including The New Yorker. In June 2015, Brendan’s photograph in this campaign was awarded a Cannes Golden Lion in the advertising world’s Oscars and also won Gold in the Clio Awards 2015.

Brendan was the first ever photographer to be invited by the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand in March 2016 to talk about mobile photography. Monogram Asia invited Brendan to also gave a talk in Veteran’s Cafe, Jakarta in April of 2016. In April 2015, Brendan was invited to London to talk about his iPhone photography as part of Apple’s Meet the iPhone Photographer series hosted by the popular designer/photographer, Dan Rubin. Brendan’s photography, both with the iPhone and other cameras, has been featured on numerous online photography publications and magazines.

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