Thomas Toft

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What do you shoot on?: Iphone 6S

When did you start smartphone photography?: A couple of years ago when I realized that the camera in smartphones was good enougt to get a decent shot

Which social media platform do you prefer for sharing your work?: I share my photos on Flickr and instagram. I have been a bit off instagram lately but plan to start using it again

What photography apps would you recommend?: I usualy use the regulare camera app, but sometimes I use Hipstamatic.

What editing software is the best value?: I use Snapseed. Both on the smartphone and my computer.

How has smartphone photography been received by the industry overall?:

What are the challenges with shooting with your phone?: I think the biggest challange, for me, is that its hard to controle the shutter-speed and the aperture. Can be hard to get the effect/result you want

Name your favourite things about this kind of photography?: You always have a camera in your pocket and it's very discreet. Good for street photography.

What has caused the biggest shift in mobile photography in the last few years?: The quality of the cameras in the smartphones and more and mere people use it.

Where do you see smartphone photography going in the future?: I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. I think the quality of smartphone photos will keep getting better and better and I think the companies will make it easier to controle shutterspeed and aperture on the smartphones. The fact that Leica is working with Huawai is telling a lot.

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