Mojocon? You haven’t heard of it? Where have you been? RTÉ Mojocon is a leading international media conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile content creation, mobile photography and new technology all in one event.  It takes place in Galway city in Ireland on May 4th-6th.  

MoboPhotoFest and Mobiography have decided to put on an exhibition alongside Mojocon to try bridge that gap between art and mobile.  We want you, yes you with the phone, to win a chance to be part of the exhibition.  

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WHO will be exhibiting

HOW to submit


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oh and I guess you’ll want to know what the prizes are right?



The prize for each category is

- To exhibit beside some of the world's biggest names in mobile photography at one of the first Mobile Conferences in the world, Mojocon

- One years subscription to Mobiography online smartphone magazine

The overall winner of the 3 catogories will get

- An Olloclip lens systems

brendan o' se

Brendan O'Se

Brendan is a multi-award winning fine art photographer/mobile photographer from Cork, Ireland. Brendan offers regular mobile photography workshops in Cork and Dublin. In January, 2016, Brendan won first place in the Street Photography category in the annual Mobile Photography Awards. In April 2015, Brendan won the Mira Mobile Awards. He was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the Florance International Photography awards in June 2015. Brendan was part of the Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6 in 2015. His photograph was showcased on billboards and posters in cities such as: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Bangalore, Tokyo, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Boston, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and many more throughout the world.


Andy Butler

Andy Butler is a UK iPhone photographer, founder of the website, and editor of the supporting Mobiography Magazine, a long running digital publication dedicated to the subject of mobile photography. He is a passionate advocate of mobile photography and uses both the website and magazine as platforms to explore the world of mobile photography, showcasing the talents of the many individuals within this movement. In 2015 he spoke on the subject of mobile photography and digital publishing at Mojocon, the first international Mobile Journalism Conference in Dublin. 


Claire Byrne

Coming from an art-photography background, Claire has taken on the task of curating Mojocon's first Mobile Photography Exhibition. Attending Mojocon the first year, Claire was inspired by the work that was being created by the mobile phone photographers and wanted to bridge that gap between mobile and art by setting up the exhibition this year.  Working on a range of projects through the year from analogue and digital Claire has a keen interest to see how far the phone will be pushed creatively in the next few years.